AR-15 Pistol Kits

AR-15 Pistol kit ImageAR-15 Pistol kit Image

AR-15 Pistol Kit

These are built using a 7.5" Shaw chrome moly barrel with a 1-9" twist. Front sight base or railed gas block. Free float tube. Complete bolt and carrier assembly, lower parts kit and our standard pistol buffer assembly. The upper is fully assembled and has been gauged and head spaced. It comes with a thread on flash hider which helps give it very little recoil and almost no muzzle climb.
This recoil system allows the use of a full length AR standard bolt carrier. Complete kit, less stripped Receiver.

Price: $649.95 SORRY SOLD OUT

AR-15 Pistol Buffer Recoil Kit Image

AR-15 Pistol Buffer Recoil Kit

Standard Recoil Kit.

Price: $70.00 SORRY SOLD OUT

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